Faith, Focus, & Freedom 2016

Faith, Focus, & Freedom 2016


Grace’s annual church fast, titled “Faith, Focus, and Freedom 2016” will start Sunday, January 3rd and end Sunday, January 24th.



  • Sweets
  • Meats
  • Abstaining from things that you want to stop permanently such as excessive sugars, caffeine, high fat foods, sodas.
  • Increasing healthy choices such as fruits and vegetables
  • Stopping things that may be robbing you of time with God or family such as excessive television, movies, video games, social media
  • Sin and Emotional bondage, such things as gossip, anger, envy, lust, unforgiveness, and gluttony
  • Juice or broth the final 3 days of the fast.


The objective during this time is to draw near to the Lord, spend time in His presence, and hear His voice.  The key to doing this is to fast distractions and spend more time in prayer.


Be encouraged to keep a journal during this fast.  Expect God to speak to you.  Write down the thoughts and impressions that you hear from Him.


Join us Sunday evenings from 6:00p.m. to 7:00p.m. for Pray Grace.  Start and dedicate yourself to the “Bible Reading Plan for 2016.”


As we begin this new year, let’s give this time priority in our lives.  If we get serious about seeking God and hearing Him, He will reveal His heart to us.  Please join us as we seek His face together.  We believe that this may be the most fruitful year in our lives, both individually and as a church.


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